MaDonna Summer

with DJ ShyBoy & DJ Nubar

MaDonna Summer, the dance party that pairs the Queen of Pop and the Queen of Disco, returns to the Faultline Bar (4216 Melrose in Silver Lake) on Saturday, March 9, for its first installment of 2019. The party’s creators, Hollywood-based DJs ShyBoy and Nubar, will be on deck spinning a playlist comprised of all-Madonna and all-Donna Summer.

Now in its second year, MaDonna Summer is a nightlife experience that captures the symbiosis of the two iconic pop stars.

“We look at MaDonna Summer as the world’s best pop duo that never existed,” muses ShyBoy. “Their artistry fits together like a gorgeous puzzle.”

From the pulsing synths that drive La Summer and Giorgio Moroder’s classic “I Feel Love” to the oscillating soundscape of Madge and William Orbit’s anthem “Ray of Light” (and everything before, after, and in between), the merging of the catalogues of these two prolific singer-songwriters is nothing less than stunning - and a marvelous case study in the history of dance music.

“Donna Summer rolled out the red carpet that Madonna walked across,” DJ Nubar continues. “The two of them created an amazing blueprint that serves as a foundation for what we hear in nightclubs today.”

The party’s allure is steeped not only in the history and breadth of each artist’s talents and catalogues, but also in the longevity of their songs and the embedding of their music in the LGBTQ culture’s consciousness, making it the perfect fit for hosting inside the legendary Faultline Bar, a long time destination for queer culture in many forms.

DJ ShyBoy & Freddy, King of Pants with DJ Nubar - MaDonna Summer

DJ ShyBoy & Freddy, King of Pants with DJ Nubar - MaDonna Summer