Xaque Gruber of The Huffington Post recently interview ShyBoy about his collaboration with Allee Willis on a remake of the classic Pointer Sisters hit "Neutron Dance":

"Los Angeles-based musician ShyBoy has teamed up with Allee Willis to craft an entirely new, indie-pop version of the classic single with ShyBoy’s understated tenor lilting over delicate, synth-driven grooves. It’s almost hard to believe that this song, which famously featured Ruth, June, and Anita Pointer’s full-bodied, mighty stampede of sound could ever be described as 'delicate' or 'understated,' but in ShyBoy’s hands, it is. Produced by ShyBoy with Willis, Jeff Hoeppner and Mark Nubar, we’re digging this fresh, new 'Neutron Dance.'"

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