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New ShyBoy Single: Backroom

ShyBoy’s new single “Backroom” synthesizes pulsating beats with alluring vocals, evoking dimly lit dance floors of a different kind. The song’s cinematic, 80s-inspired rhythms are filtered seamlessly through a contemporary post-disco lens, making it a perfect fit for its inclusion in Season 2 of the CW’s Dynasty reboot.

Written, Produced, and Arranged by ShyBoy, Jeff Hoeppner, and Mark Nubar for The Nightshift



Bootie Mashup's July 2018 Top 10 by DJ ShyBoy

This month, I'm the guest curator of Bootie Mashup's Top 10! Selections include veteran producers Robin Skouteris and ToToM, plus tracks from a couple of newer faces like Don Hector and Marin Mashup, and a brand new Bootie exclusive by DJ Nubar!

ShyBoy Wins BEST SOLO ARTIST in the LA Weekly Best of LA 2017 Readers Choice Awards

ShyBoy was voted Best Solo Artist and Bootie LA was voted Best Dance Club in the LA Weekly Best of LA 2017 Readers' Choice Awards!

Written by Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe, Allee Willis Produced by ShyBoy, Allee Willis, Jeff Hoeppner, Mark Nubar.

What Have I Done To Deserve This?: ShyBoy Duets with multi-platinum songwriter Allee Willis

ShyBoy duets with multi-platinum songwriter Allee Willis on a playfully soulful cover of “What I Have I Done To Deserve This?,” the 80s synthpop hit by Pet Shop Boys (ft. Dusty Springfield). Willis, who co-wrote the song with the iconic English duo, reprises vocals she sang on the original demo.

Written & Produced by ShyBoy, Allee Willis, Jeff Hoeppner, & Mark Nubar


ShyBoy's "Can't Stay With the Pay (Ain't No Little Fairy Gonna Pop Me a Five for That Tooth)" is included in the first round of voting for the 60th Grammys in the Best Pop Solo Performance category. The song was co-written by Emmy, Grammy, & Tony winning award-winning and nominated songwriter Allee Willis.

He and She - Review

"ShyBoy cites the likes of Scissor Sisters as an influence and you can hear some of that in He and She. It’s a pop track first and foremost, heavily influenced by 80s synthpop but with vocal harmonies that bring to mind the likes of 10CC at their height. It results in a song that is poppy and arty at the same time and very catchy! Lyrically the song carries a serious message, focussing on individuality, sexual orientation and gender identity." -Electric North

Written by ShyBoy, Allee Willis, and Mark Nubar. Produced by ShyBoy, Allee Willis, Jeff Hoeppner, and Mark Nubar.

DJ ShyBoy and dance crew R.A.I.D. at Bootie LA (Photo by Tony Scotino)

DJ ShyBoy and dance crew R.A.I.D. at Bootie LA (Photo by Tony Scotino)

LA Weekly article on Bootie LA

ShyBoy is a weekly resident DJ at Bootie LA at Los Globos

"Bootie L.A. is perhaps one of the city's most inclusive parties. Just as the night doesn't stick to any one music genre, there's no one type of attendee, either. On their recent "Pop Candy" night (they always choose a theme every week, such as artist tribute nights, "Generation X vs. Millennials" or "Aprilween: Halloween in April"), the diversity on the dance floor was an awesome sight to see. Straight couples danced next to gay couples; friends of all different races danced together; people with all different body types let loose and just danced their, well, booties off."

NEUTRON DANCE: HuffPost Interview

"ShyBoy has teamed up with Allee Willis to craft an entirely new, indie-pop version of the classic single with ShyBoy’s understated tenor lilting over delicate, synth-driven grooves. It’s almost hard to believe that this song, which famously featured The Pointer Sisters' full-bodied, mighty stampede of sound could ever be described as 'delicate' or 'understated,' but in ShyBoy’s hands, it is. Produced by ShyBoy with Willis, Jeff Hoeppner, & Mark Nubar, we’re digging this fresh, new 'Neutron Dance.'"  -HuffPost

ShyBoy "Neutron Dance" (Official Lyric Video) • Animated and Directed by Allee Willis

Album Review

ShyBoy - Water on Mars

"If Nick Drake, Alan Parsons Project and M83 spawned a child raised on a healthy diet of Prince, Alfred Hitchcock, and classic science fiction films, it would be something resembling Shyboy. The enigmatic recording artist, whose Water On Mars, makes a bold, tuneful impression on today’s indie-pop landscape, and one of the year’s smartest, not-to-be-missed debuts." -HuffPost